Bus Ministry

Kidz Rock

Pick-up –  Bus leaves Rock Orlando to pick up kids at 12:00 PM and returns by 1:00 PM.

Return – Bus leaves Rock Orlando at 2:30 PM to drop off kids by 3:00 PM.

Kidz Rock is a fast paced, action packed time of fun for kids ages 5-12. Our bus ministry picks up kids in the Orlando area, with a emphasis on the Paramore district, between 12:00 and 12:30 PM and the excitement starts at 1:00 PM.  At the Rock, we have a blast!  We sing songs and have drama, we yell, we dance, we laugh.  We learn about the Good News of Jesus Christ through drama and skits provided by Pastor D, Special K and lots of youth and college volunteers.  There is a bible verse that we teach each week.  Our praise and worhship is filled with music that is modern, upbeat and fun.  We eat together, play some more and then we pile back on the bus and party all the way back to the kid’s homes.  Drop off  is around 3:00 PM.

Saturday Night Rock

Pick-up – Bus leaves Rock Orlando at 4:45 PM with pick up at Center Care, Lake Eola and The Coalition

Return – Bus leaves Rock Orlando at 8:15 for drop-offs.

We have the most diverse group of people showing up for our Saturday Night Rock service. We have wealthy business people, leaders of major ministries, saved, unsaved, church members, ROCK volunteers, black, white and brown and we love on each other. It doesn’t  matter who you are or where you live, we all just love and worship together. Everyone is accepted and loved equally! We pick up the homeless so they can experience the true pure love of Christ and it is good.  Pastor D provides the message that is truly impactful and our praise and worship is filled with music that is modern, upbeat and fun.  After the service we break bread together and we are family…one big family that is building a house on the rock that will not fall.

So, you might ask, how can I get involved? How can I help? As Pastor D would say…”I am so glad you asked”.   We need bus drivers with their CDL licences to drive our buses.  We need bus captains to go out and help with the process of getting kids and adults on and off the buses.  We need your help! For more information or to be added to our volunteer list or contact Matthew D. Lett at 407.628.1828 or, just show up!  Not only will you be a blessing, we guarantee you will be blessed!!