How We Impact the Community

At present, the enemy satan continues to do his job well. We all know that his purpose is simple; to destroy as many lives as possible and take the souls of those people along with him to hell. He has been very effective by means of spreading the use of drugs and alcohol throughout our neighborhoods. Drug use and alcoholism are the major contributors of crime in our city.

Whether it’s the drug dealer or the drug user, each contributes its share of crime to our community. Over 60% of all murders and violent crimes in our city are drug related. The people who make up the users, sellers, prostitutes, both male and female are nothing more than pawns in satan’s plan. Some of them are redeemable, some are not. Nevertheless, this population of people continues to grow.

The effects of drugs and alcohol are being felt in every area of human life, especially in the socio-economic challenged areas. One of the most affected areas is education. Many students from socio-economically disadvantaged families are struggling in the area of education. Many of the children affected come from distressed families affected by drug dealers or drug users. Young children are being made to become responsible for themselves because they don’t have parents who are in the homes with them. Our prisons are overcrowded with young people who are products of the very destruction we’re discussing.

Our homeless population continues to grow along with joblessness which adds to the possibilities of more crime being produced on our streets. Many men and women are being released from prisons. Some while incarcerated really try to turn their lives around. Some even find Jesus Christ while in prison, but when they are released with nowhere to go, we find that they return to the drugs and alcohol, which leads them back to the crime.

To combat the work of satan, we must unite the faith community together in the areas of crime, family structure and education. Transformation Orlando is an initiative that will bring physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation to the community of Parramore. This invitation alone will open opportunities for people to experience restoration of their lives. It will also provide the opportunity for this community to grow together in strength and unity. Rock Orlando Center of Transformation uses a biblical approach to evangelism. Its strategy is simple: to bring the concerned citizens, churches, ministries and business together and after being properly trained, go out into our communities seeking out those individuals who could benefit from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rock Orlando Center of Transformation seeks to train and lead individuals and churches to a greater understanding of our responsibility to reach out to the less fortunate. To that extent, Rock Orlando is dedicated to providing training and leading evangelistic endeavors when ever called upon.